His wife often mocked that office was his first love, and she was a mere second fiddle. On 14th February that year she claims turned true, when he returned home well past 8 pm, ditching their pre-planned dinner date. While she hurried to answer the doorbell, he waited in anticipation of her mood. Surprisingly, she looked pretty dressed up and more importantly, happy. His surprise further increased when he saw the dining table neatly laid, complete with aromatic candles and a bunch of red roses, bearing a famous gift company’s hologram and presenting the perfect Valentine’s Day mood.

As the couple sat down to enjoy their cozy dinner date at home, they exchanged a knowing smile. As he casually turned the tiny note that peeped from behind the red roses, his smile turned to a grin. It reads – Wishing you love forever, Best Wishes, ABC Ltd. His company had done it yet again, making the employee feel special on a special day such as this, by partnering with a renowned gift brand.

Well, in the times when employees are working doubly hard for their organisation, just a subtle gesture as such goes a long way to show how ‘human assets’ still matter in a day and age of AI. After all, who wouldn’t want to fall in love with a job like this?