Ever felt stuck in a limbo? A beat of restlessness rushing through your veins? A feeling that you are not good enough? Statistics reveal that over 90 million Indians are struggling with mental health issues. With this number accounting for nearly 7.5% of the population, the urgency to speak about the pressing concern revolving around mental health matters has increased. While each one is trying to find a vent, social media has become the perfect platform for several artists, who feel deeply about the importance of good mental health. Instagram has seen many artists and comic creators scribbling meaningful illustrations to talk about mental health in their own quirky way. Let’s have a look…

Hannah Daisy, who goes by the insta handle makedaisychains, has a profile loaded with colors and conversations, that make you gravitate towards her thought process, as she highlights the mental health plight of the queer community.

Marcela, a Brazilian illustrator, talks about self-love, body positivity, feminism, and tons of other topics, adding a pinch of her personal experiences. Knowing how some issues can really trigger someone’s mental health, Marcela finds a way to heal the world through her art.

The Sad Ghost Club on Instagram is weaved with simple thoughts and relatable illustrations. The road of mental health is indeed a zigzag one. Here are two picks from the official sad ghost club that may strike a chord with so many of us.

Don’t we all feel alone at times?

We need to pat ourselves for the smallest achievements we make while bettering our lives

Gemma Correll’s Instagram is food for thought, as her works cover so many everyday emotions and talk about anxiety, overthinking, mental health through her smart illustrations.

Marzi’s doodles for the introvert hits home. Here’s one for you too.

Dr. Emma Hepburn’s thepsychologymum is a wholesome offering to understanding various things pertaining to mental health. She shares how peoples’ mental health took a slump during the pandemic.

If you are having a gloomy day, you must visit chuckdrawsthings, and just ease yourself with the relatable posts you will find there. From ignoring mental health to making tiny efforts to sail through the tides, Chuck takes one on a ride that’s true and that you!

So the next time you feel a bit lost and overwhelmed, remember, there are plenty of us going through similar notions, clutching to hope on some days and some days abandoning it. But dealing with mental health is not about dealing with an illness, it’s about striving to shape your well-being and pushing yourself to walk a step further. After all, Apna Time Aayega!