Just like a wonderful dish served in shabby crockery stands no chance to claim fame, similarly, a well-written write-up could easily miss the viewer’s eye if the title is poorly crafted.

Regardless of the length of your content, if the readers today aren’t impressed, informed, or intrigued with the title, your content piece is sure to be treated as a takeaway left in the fridge, only to be discarded. In order to ensure that the information is consumed, savoured, and even shared, a writer must toil to stitch the perfect title that makes it stand out from the herd. All you have is 3 seconds and a limited number of words to achieve your strike. So here’s how can you go about this:

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Clear Is The New Fancy

The title is the face of your article, blog, news piece, copy. If that lacks appeal and attraction, who’s going to even be bothered about the hours you spent behind churning the matter? Cut through the clutter, use less complicated words, add wit, and do not miss out on plugging in the right matter to drive the call to action.

What’s In The Dabba?

Try this for yourself – tell your buddies that you have some delicious aloo sabzi and then try sharing that you have baingan ki sabzi too. The delight of hearing aloo sabzi versus the frowns on hearing baingan ki sabzi, is something that comes in handy while writing a title as well. Learn what will excite your readers and get their attention. Benefits get a thumbs up versus news. If the title doesn’t inform the reader what’s in store for them in the content piece, they’ll sail off in seconds.

The Nation Wants To Know (or at least the readers do)

Ask a question and get your readers sold right there. Readers are always looking for answers. Right from – how to shed those extra kilos – to – what Alia Bhatt had for lunch. The viewers are hungry for information all the time. Try engaging them with your piece by asking them a question in your title – a perfect plugin that motivates them to read further.

How Many Guests Are Invited At The Party?

If your content piece comes with a title holding numbers and stats, chances are the readers will stick around for long because the piece is either broken down into a listicle or has relevant facts they are curious about. So make your write-up eye-catching by dressing it up with updated data and play on the inquisitiveness of your readers.

Who Is At The Dining Table?

Know your readers. Learn them. Fetch insights. Gauge what captures their interest. Their tastes, their likes, their repulsion are all your concerns when it comes to tailoring the title. If your audience is a bunch of beings who love veganism, and your article boasts about meat, they’ll go crabwise in no time.

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Just A Pinch Of Salt

A title is where – less is more. Don’t crowd the title with every element. Keep it crisp, concise and yet, memorable. Loading up the title can spoil the flavour of the dish you are trying to serve. Be unique, be specific, create urgency, and sound useful.

Here’s A Dish For You

A title piece is crafted to communicate directly to the reader. Using words like ‘you’ makes the messaging more personal. Though the words are meant for public consumption, creating an individualized dialogue makes the end-user feel more connected to the piece.

Engaging your readers is no easy feat, but if you grab their attention with a smart, informative title, you’ve won half the battle.

So, do we see you cooking a scrumptious title? Try it out!