For our work from home buddies, 2020 literally gave the package of multi-tasking a whole new upgrade. And as 2021 has crawled in, with arms opening up sluggishly, here are the skills that you need to mention on your resume, in case the strain of pandemic eases and you are back to your cubicles.

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The Dalgona Don
What if your boss investigates your coffee-making skills and doesn’t get a sniff of Dalgona? Were you really not whipping it up during the pandemic? You might still want to try it out, sugar!

The Pet Pro
If you didn’t prepare presentations, pitch decks, attend meetings, fill in the data or pile up that research folder with a pet gliding around you, were you really even stuck in the pandemic? For the ones who always come up with the classic excuse of the pet having slept off on their arm, Hello… You might want to find another one?!

Acing The Gesture Challenge
If you are going to work for a firm that basically needs a yes man, and you scored pretty well in the gesture challenge during the lockdown, then don’t worry. As for the ones who didn’t nail this one, your to-be-boss is really not going to be happy with your ‘different-point-of-view.’

What’s The Good Word?
Of course, back in time, this game was all about scoring those extra points during inter-school competitions, but social media decided to launch its own version and test our skills like a tricky taskmaster. If you have done the ‘guess the gibberish’ challenge, you will most certainly understand your client’s brief while the rest of the team will be busy getting dizzy.

Math Cum Prediction Wiz
With much time to ourselves indoors, we got acquainted with maths and analytics once again. From counting the bathroom tiles to the number of steps one has to take to reach the kitchen from the bedroom, the digit game kept us ticking. Predicting the time it will take for us to peel, chop and cook while responding to multiple emails, here’s a touch-up we never thought we’d be getting.

Let’s Play Some Ludo?
Be it your flatmate, family member, or a friend, when it came to this, all swords were out. Take this as a learning curve for your business development skill. From pitching to the client – to winning the account, this one really is about getting there first and chucking the competitors out. Real rough. But then again, it’s a skill!

Avid Scrollers
The tissue roll can run out of tissue, but the internet and social media can never run out of content. From endless scrolling on Tik Tok to taking up the numerous challenges, if this didn’t put you out there, then what did? P.S. Learnt some cool editing and content creation skills, didn’t ya? Also, let’s call it thumb yoga, slightly more cooler, ain’t it?

Crumbled For The Crumbs?
We were also so bored and baked, that we literally hit the flour. Did you not see the gram? Did you not jump with joy when you finally got to use all those baking recipes that you had been procrastinating about? If you aren’t there yet, then you gotta try this one – for if you can bake it, you can make it!

Ghosting Zoom Meetings
Who said ghosting was only for relationships? Here was our chance to give a mic drop, but with a silent, ‘planned’ exit. After all, 2020 was the year to learn about ‘Elvis has left the meeting.’

While there is a lot that one can add to the platter, let’s just take these up for starters. Kidding!!! But we know, the toilet paper may pose a creative problem in the future, are your skills going to be a solution to this? You better get cracking!

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