Bombarded by bits and pieces of content strewn all over the internet and around us, we find ourselves exhausted and beaten down by this whirlwind of words. Though every copywriter, account manager, marketing nerd, creative team and head honchos of firms grind their teeth often to find how to be ‘lit’ with their content, it doesn’t come easy, does it? Sometimes what you need is an angry, raging man with a bat, stuck in the middle of traffic to hit that boundary for you! Or maybe tackling the tide of ‘think outside the box’ with befitting and baffling synonyms. We call this one – Indiranagar Ka Gunda! InCREDible, right?

A week ago the IPL 2021 season kicked in with great gusto. But what caught the frenzy before even the first coin toss was the brilliantly crafted spot by CRED. With over 18 sponsors running the league this time, this one got the social bugs ticking. Not to mention there is certainly a huge difference in the way people have embraced this ad. To say it in the words of Mr. Nikhil Narayanan – Creative Director at Ogilvy – Something tells me #Cred is a British initiative. It has divided the nation yet again, this time with an ad.

While some argue that this brings almost nothing meaty to the table (especially sales) others believe it’s a job well done and money well spent because it got the nation talking. Bringing in no biggie from Bollywood, but giving the nation one of its finest men from the team in an ‘unbelievable’ picturesque, is what delighted the audience and gave them a ‘woahhhh’ moment! The smart way to represent CRED’s offerings, which thanks to our cynical minds, can sound ‘too good to be true’, was depicted with the following words – “It’s like saying Rahul Dravid has anger issues!” The cricketer’s calm nature took quite a dramatic turn in the ad, leaving the audiences and brands awed by this witty move.

In no time there were reels, posts, memes, tweets, stories and articles flooding the internet. Clocking at approximately 3.6 million views on YouTube as of today, this ad is a fitting example of what kind of content will catch the eyeballs of the netizens and GenZ and leave them to meander and discover about the app eventually.

Let’s have a look at how the brands spoke to their customers via Indiranagar ka Gunda.

Bajaj Allianz

Bobble Keyboard


Panasonic India




Spotify India

State Bank Of India

The welfare of stray dogs


Yulu Bikes


Phew, that’s just some of it! The conversational memes that followed turned out to be relatable content bites for many, increasing the shareability and visibility of the ad.

Let’s just say, though it remains a matter of debate as to what such creative spots fetch for the business in terms of money, one cannot wear blinkers to the fact that some teams really work their wires to create ‘break the internet’ ads. Maybe that’s how they channel their inner Indiranagar ka Gunda.