How To Be a Unique Content Writer In 12 Steps

‘Content writing’ per se, is inarguably a skill. The art and science of writing content differ from person to person, and from industry to industry. There are tons of writing skills available everywhere around. In this blog, we’re going to focus on ‘how’ one can be a unique content writer in a broader sense.

Every budding content writer should contemplate on these lines as often as possible – Why would you say what you want to say? What is uncommon in your message that is common nowhere else? How fascinating is your story from the rest of the storytellers?

In order to facilitate this topic of how one can be a unique content writer further, you are encouraged to glance through the following twelve steps before you get into the creative content writing race with the best of the lot.

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The 12 Best Practiced Content Writing Principles That Can Make You a Unique Content Writer :

Read. Listen. Read. Listen.

Knowledge builds up with listening, seeing and sensing the pulse of time. The more you read, the more information your brain absorbs. Sponging your way through the content you read would enable you to squeeze the best words out for content writing, whenever necessary. Listening is also a powerful skill to gather information. The art and habit of listening and reading can ignite efficient writing skills. The more you gather information by reading and listening, your potential to network with words scale up.

Narrow Down Your Niche

There are umpteen types of content which sails in and out of the content sea. For instance, there are content in the form of infographics, short clips, videos, a combo of text and images, short films, script writings, screen writings, written articles/books/e-materials, magazines, blogs, vlogs and more. Find out and develop on your niche. What do you love and enjoy writing about, and in what form of content you wish to specialize in? Seek to be cent per cent competent in your niche content area and master it.

Study Other Writers. Nonetheless, Don’t Copy Them.

Let your voice which is unique be expressed exclusively. In other words, observe and examine the format and structure of your favorite writer’s written content. See what else others have not done or not worked on in the ‘content writing’ space so far. Be the early bird to sing those unsung notes. Resist the copycat business. Beware of plagiarism! Keep your ethical practices neat and blameless.

Continue To Invest In Innovation And Creativity

Innovation and creativity are some brilliant competencies to nurture in your content writing service. There is no end to innovate content whatsoever. Innovation is one of the main mantras of the best content writers. Step out of your box to tell your stories in ways nobody else can think of. Use creative images, designs, words and jargons to express your message. Engage readers in your innovative and creative content writing style, like no other.

Impeccable Research Skills

Good mining yields good treasures. Research, be it online or offline, is super essential for effective content writing. A well-researched piece of content shouldn’t lack credibility. It in turn adds value to the content and to the writer. Solid research can fuel high-quality content writing.

Well, are all online sources reliable or dependable? Need not be. It is therefore necessary to conduct proper/qualitative research in order to gather information from trusted sources and give credits to the original source, wherever necessary.

Is Your Content SEO-tuned?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now rules the online roost for any kind of content. The thumb rule here is, your readers should find you and/or your content. That’s where SEO pitches in. Make sure to have your content writing service SEO-friendly. You cannot produce high quality content material without SEO, if its online. Hence, use SEO-friendly headlines/titles, description and keywords.

Focus On Your Target Audience

Your extraordinary content writing skills is useless if you’re incapable of gauging what your audience want/expect. The pulse of unique content writers is to primarily connect with the expectations of their audience. How best can you serve your readers with your content? Design your content to suit your reader’s needs. There is no point in investing time, efforts and all your writing skills without knowing your end user. We hope you’re getting the point here, right?

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Focus On Your Main Point

Jot down the purpose of your message. Don’t drift from your ultimate goal. The content you write should convey the purpose of the story. Let your content stay contextual at every stage from the introduction to the conclusion. Remove words or sentences not aligned to the framework of your purpose in the article/copy. A good content writer emphasizes on staying with the focal point of communication throughout his copy with very less distractions in between.

Put No End For Editing

Editing is a skill every unique content writer should aim to master. Basically, consistent editing helps in refining and improvising your content towards the best of what it can be. The process of editing requires the writer to have a check on overall content flow, contextual relevance, logical connotation between sentences and paragraphs, accurate placement of information, grammar, appropriate usage of keywords, spelling, punctuation etc. Editing skills also enable the communicator to get rid of irrelevant points, misplacement of words and worthless words.

Focus On Better Readability

What makes your content readable? Keep your sentences easy and short. Let your paragraphs be crisp, well-framed, meaningful and short. Use words which can relate to your reader directly. Keep your communication plain and straightforward. Choose the best font size, font type and font color. Maintain a readable structure to present your content. As much as you have a glorious beginning to your content, it is equally vital to have a corresponding closure to the topic.

Keep Time In Mind

Remember that you are borrowing someone else’s time (for them) to read your article. The reader’s time is precious too, maybe as much or even more than yours. Even if it means a minute, your reader should get a glimpse of your main message. At times, too lengthy and unattractive content can let your readers bounce off from your site/blog. It could also result in barricading your return visitor altogether. Aim to make your content time-sensitive and simultaneously informative and impactful.

Best Media = Best Delivery Of Information

How does it profit you if you have the best content writing service but know not what to do with it or how to go about with it? Hence, get your content writing formats ready. Then, spot the appropriate media to showcase your message. Research on how best you can reach your target audience with the ever-evolving media platforms available today.

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In Summarizing…

For a unique content writer, high-quality content is what matters the most. Quality in your content writing service can build your work reputation with your readers/users either directly or indirectly in the long run. Prioritize your content writing services to be error-free and optimized at all times.

On the last note, as a unique content writer, you should also work to help and add value to the lives of people through some way or the other with your content. We believe you would!

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