There is no dearth for content, whether online or offline. Even so, it can be a daunting task to acquire and publish unique content which is not sufficiently covered already otherwise.

Blog content writing is one of the most common services content writers pitch for, globally.  First off, we blog because we desire to share ourselves, our knowledge and our experiences largely with others.

While there are loads of online materials to help you write effectively for blogs, we believe the following information can inspire you to be a better content writer and provide better writing services.. And if you aren’t an effective writer yet or not even close to it, then you are at the right place to start with. Cheers.

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Pointers for unique and effective content

  1. Original Content

When you ponder on what intrigues the readers aka scanners to continuously seek for unique content all the time, it unfailingly leads you to one key – Original Content.

Perhaps, in every blog content writing or creative content writing service, the greatest factor influencing success is the ‘originality of the content’ or its ‘uniqueness’. When your content is original/uncovered, there are umpteen chances for it to become much effective and viral. In addition, it helps you gain and retain readers into your fold.

  1. Learn About Your Audience

If a seller knows not whom he is selling his products to, it is in vain to sell whatsoever. Sow your content in places and with people where there is going to be definite harvest, online or offline. Gather essential knowledge of whom you are writing to. Choose your Target Group (TG) before sitting down to write. It could be people who are sailing in the same boat as you are or total strangers. Brainstorm on who could potentially read your message (blog), and create content accordingly.

  1. Invent or Innovate

If you have no material to invent, just innovate what you have. See what newness you can bring to the content writing service. Creative content writing dwells on the pillar of innovation. Apparently, there is no end to innovation as long as mankind survives. Keep innovating until you generate something uniquely new. You’ll eventually become an effective blogger.

  1. Zoom into Quality and Substance

Wordcount isn’t a big deal in any content writing service when compared with the wealth of unheard and valuable information you choose to provide. To be an effective writer, focus on quality and substance in your content than the length of the blog. Quality should be measured by the communication standards you follow while writing, editing and proofreading your content. Ensure the content is contextual, readable, crisp, informative, structured, error-free, and simple.

  1. Value People’s Time

Time is sprinting, and so are people. Folks have no patience to read. Keep in mind that you are borrowing people’s time to invest in your writing spree. Value it. Pay attention to the purpose of content. The little you write should magnet the eyes and minds. For instance, infographics is the choicest form of content where you project your message in one scroll with the help of graphics, images and charts. Check if that works.

  1. Motive to Market Content

If your motive is to market your content in the form of blogs, then you should furnish it with keywords and phrases which are SEO/SEM-friendly. This exercise can ultimately enhance the organic search traffic to your blog over the period of time, and make you an effective writer as well. This principle can apply to both creative and unique content writing services.

Are you waiting for more? Well, we encourage you to blog with these tips first and share your learning with us at