Gone past are those raw ages when a person’s actual fitness depended on his instincts to survive. For instance, early man had to know not only to walk, but to run, jump, climb, lift, throw, carry, crawl, fight, balance, catch things and use natural objects (rocks, logs, tree limbs, sharp stones, etc.) to stay in shape. Thank God, there weren’t many options otherwise! Therefore, in drawing a hypothesis, one could surely confirm that “physical activities aka exercises were a part of man’s lifestyle” back then.

In the modern era, talk about exercising, and one ponders – is it essential for a living OR could it be just another habit?!

Exercise, as a word, can mean the act of using something effectively. It can relate to various aspects of an individual. Some aspects are mind(intellectual, memory, thoughts), will(conscience, power to discern between the right and wrong), emotions(moderating emotions and feelings), authority, and so on. These aspects are considered integral to function as a human being. Likewise, physical exercises are for the physical body. There are literally umpteen number of effective forms of exercise (for example – walking, running, swimming, bicycling, martial arts, badminton, farming — the list goes on). The best one for you is whichever one you’ll enjoy enough to stick with.

Adapting to a new behavior or application has its consequences cognitively and physically. Howbeit, there are long-term benefits that is comforting. It takes an individual’s great mental discipline, willingness, patience and tolerance to practice this lifetime application. If you’re going to work hard, you might as well do it right and work towards the results you want.

With a little help of research, seek for a program that is workable, achievable and moderate. Ensure that it is designed by informed individuals and subject matter experts. For example, staying in touch with practicing physicians, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, wellness coaches, etc. might help. On similar grounds, when you look at Life Standards, a Mumbai-based state-of-art health fitness center, it has an impeccable potential and real-time resources to make exercise a part of your lifestyle, and not just a ‘done thing’. With their excellent quality to provide for an individual’s holistic growth and development, exercise becomes one of your daily chores for sure. To learn more, you can check into – https://lifestandards.in/

Let’s think about it for a moment. If fitness is to be a long-term lifestyle, then we better make it enjoyable. Lest it makes us unhappy and guilty for not doing it the way we wanted. If you can find a physical activity that you enjoy and it makes you sweat, then you bet you’ve found almost the right thing!

For instance, if you are walking, you better do it with a cheer in your heart and smile on your face!

Would you agree?

Routing back to bumper question – Should exercising be a part of my lifestyle or is it just a done-thing?