The Spectator

It was a nightmare so vivid one would never wish even upon his enemies. Where the blackish violet of the ethereal amalgamated with the reality of the vibrant, marring it with its own corruption and reducing it to […]

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The Last Call

His phone was ringing in desperation, but he was too occupied to realise so.  “Chef ! Chef !! Your phone has been crying for long.”  Bhavin, a handsome young head chef came out of his thought and answered […]

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Sapno Ka Ek Parinda

सपनों का एक परिंदा
हर पल चला उड़ता,
नई नई गलियों में
मंज़िलें नई ढूंढता.

ऊँची ऊँची इमारतों में…
न मिला आशियाँ,
भूला इस क़दर कि
खो दिया आसमाँ

सपनों का एक परिंदा
हर पल चला उड़ता,
नई नई गलियों में
मंज़िलें नई ढूंढता


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A Corpse In The Showcase

“He put her in the showcase.”

“He did what…?”

“He dressed her up as one of his mannequins, and put it up   in front of the store.”

“His wife’s corpse?”

“Was I speaking in Hebrew till now?” said Manav.

Manav loathed to repeat himself, especially […]

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Woh Jild Wali Ladki

उसे न तो जानता था, न पहचानता था. सिर्फ़ नाम जानता था, उसकी लिखाई ( हैंडराइटिंग) पहचानता था, पर ख़यालो में उसे अक्सर ढूँढा करता था … बड़ी चाह थी एक बार तो मिलूं उससे … मगर हर […]

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