April’s sporty twin, IPL donned its summery cloak and walked on the pitch. The nationwide lockdown hasn’t curbed the IPL fever.

Two weeks into the game and we can already spot a clear winner. A complete package. An energetic and feisty player, who can very well ace being the ‘Master of all Games’. The one person who has perhaps given the loudest ‘Howzzzzaaatt’ this IPL season – Ranveer Singh a.k.a Simmba of Bollywood!!!

In the middle of a nail-biting game, when fans and cricket lovers don’t take a break and are hurling fancy abuses or just backing their favourite teams, it’s the advertisements where brands get to break the tension and engage with a massive audience at once.

But what has created the real twist this time is one man heading the league for all the main sponsors. Let’s check out what makes Ranveer Singh the winner of IPL 2021!

High-Voltage Entertainment
Be it drama, be it playing a goofy dude, Ranveer Singh never fails to regale the audience with his antics. His tomfoolery can be charming on one hand and on the other hand it can make someone roll their eyes, either ways he is simply unmissable. Even when you have a row of other celebrities appearing in the ads during the match, Ranveer’s presence simply trumps the game.

The Brand Impact
Ads being the cash cow for the broadcasters at this point, and with a prime platform like IPL, no brand would want to miss a chance to grab the eyeballs. In this two-month window, Mr. Singh, a face with whom audiences from every age bracket can resonate, continues to pop on your screens pretty often. But why? You may think! Let’s just agree that it’s his brand value which ticks the box.

Ranveer Singh

Multiple Avatars
From spots for Just Dial, Jio Fiber, Bingo, My11Circle, Lloyd and more, it’s impressive to see Singh don a range of roles and slip into the characters at the drop of a hat. His energy translates brilliantly on the screen. From dancing alongside cricketers to conveying the brand’s message while eating a packet of chips, the sheer ease with which Ranveer does it, makes him a bankable face for the season. It’s interesting to see how brands and writers have tried to retain his eccentricity through the ads.

Ranveer’s Desi Quirkiness
With a major release in the pipeline, the 83 star has proven his mettle several times, and this IPL season is no exception. Ranveer, as a screen personality, manages to look different in a snap. One moment you see him in a dapper suit, the next moment he is wearing multiple layers and loud accessories. Be it Hindi, English or even Marathi the language he adopts doesn’t stop his ability to steal the thunder. It is his quirkiness that creates engagement. No wonder that the brands don’t mind spending pots of money on this feisty superstar.

After all, the Gully Boy knew he was made for things bigger than the gully cricket.
Without batting an eyelid we can say – the brands undoubtedly selected the winner of IPL 2021. But like Simmba would have said it, “Bhau, je mala maahit naahi te sanga.”

Winner Of IPL 2021