A teacher is not just any other professional. They are a sentiment. And nostalgia, when you fly the nest. In every heart, there’s a soft spot reserved for at least one favourite teacher. India has a long tradition of strong teacher-student relationships. Some examples are Ramkrishna Paramhansa and Vivekananda, Jijamata and Dadoji Kondadev and Shivaji Maharaj, and in more recent times, Sachin Tendulkar and coach Ramesh Acharekar.

Since decades, popular Indian brands have leveraged this beautiful bond to connect with their consumers. And it always strikes the right chord. Because no matter who you become in life. Each one of us has at least one teacher who will still inspire the feeling of awe in us. Take a look…

The Complete Man by Raymond

A couple of decades ago, Raymond released a touching ad about a retiring school principal and his students, who believe him to be The Complete Man. Later, they followed it up with an equally heartwarming commercial where the school principal now attends the wedding of one of his students. However, needless to say, the wedding instantly transforms into a reunion of sorts, with the old teacher at the heart of it. Watching these two ads back-to-back gives you the ‘complete’ experience.



The Joy of Gifting by Titan

Who else, but a teacher does best justice to a Titan ad with a message about joys of gifting? Teachers are constantly giving us the best knowledge possible. And for every student, it’s a teacher that symbolizes a true titan! In one of the most endearing ads, with a layered messaging and superbly used theme music, the brand goes all out. For the farewell of a college professor, his students and other staff gift him a Titan watch. That makes us think – a Titan, for a titan?

Tayyari Har Exam Ki by Bournvita Badam Booster

We all have that one teacher who can put some sense into our over-ambitious parents. And she’s the one that Bournvita celebrates in this highly impactful commercial. The school principal addresses the parents in a meeting, highlighting the importance of learning, rather than chasing the numbers on a marksheet. Isn’t she our favourite?

I Hate My Teacher by Gatorade

p v sindhu respects her teacher

The teacher-student bond is so effective that even a sports brand like Gatorade were tempted to explore this theme. And that too with celebrity badminton player P. V. Sindhu and her equally celebrated coach, P. Gopichand. In this high on energy and drama commercial, we see P. Gopichand’s relentless efforts in training his extremely talented pupil, P. V. Sindhu. His role in this ace Badminton player’s successful career is formidable.

Memories in a Cup by Brooke Bond Red Label

A student’s relationship with their teachers is so pure that there’s no ego. Whether the students are flying high with success or down in the dumps, a teacher always garners the same respect. They are proof that no matter how much money you earn or how many checks you sign, someone taught you how to write your name even. Reliving such old memories with a favourite teacher, priceless!

Kindness is Cashless by Visa Card

Teachers prepare you for the bigger world. But then there are times when you need to step up and help your teacher prepare for the changing times. Visa Card has perfectly leveraged this thought in their soul-stirring ad that warms the cockles of your heart. Take a look.

Such is the impact and influence of teachers on young minds that they stay within you forever, till you live. Because when they teach you, they do so much more than just educating you or sharing knowledge. They inspire you, build you, shape you. And you begin to see the world with a new perspective. Perhaps that’s the reason why a teacher-student bond is so celebrated. How are you celebrating it?