The suited-booted, stern-voiced, nature’s bank has always donned the role of a tough man across stories, movies, anecdotes and more. When it comes to the word ‘Father’ – the legendary baritone of Mr.Bachchan crawls into our ears – “Rishtey mein toh hum tumhare baap lagtey hai!”
Capsuled in a few labels, the father’s avatar rarely exhibits the emotional side to them.

However…that doesn’t mean that these superheroes aren’t senti-singhs. They may not shed a tear too easily, but within them lies a rhythm of beautiful emotions which they tend to push away to keep the ‘Dad’ image on. So today, let’s sneak a peek at how several brands have captured this beautiful aspect of the father-child bonding through some wonderful ads and depicted the sensitive side of the fathers.

Vicky Kaushal advertisement

Fathers Have Dreams Too
Google’s genius spot with Vicky Kaushal showcases how a son doesn’t let his father’s sacrifice become his father’s ultimate destiny. Just like a father would fulfill his child’s dream, here…the son goes to any mile to make sure his father’s dream finds its way to the silver screen. Besides highlighting the features of the voice search, this ad shows that dreams don’t have an age and sometimes all one needs is a little nudge, be it from their own children.

Never Calling It Quits On You
The ad by Birla Sun Life Insurance could easily warm the cockles of your hearts. A father who has lost his spouse and is left with his autistic son, doesn’t bat an eyelid before giving his all to bring him up. Stradling through the challenges of dealing with an autistic child, he becomes his friend more than a father. Even when he loses his job, he doesn’t lose his self-reliance and the hope to give his child a bright future.

You Cannot Put A Price Tag On Memories
Ever wondered why sometimes you find old handwritten letters in your childish writing tucked away somewhere in your parents’ or grandparents’ belongings? Why sometimes they don’t easily ‘discard’ things which you tend to casually think of as obsolete or ancient? It’s because these memories are far more valuable than any materialistic favours. For them, it’s their true luxury and that too… a priceless one. Watch how Hyundai tries to encapsulate this wonderful emotion through their ad.

You Can Find A Match For Your Dad
The Man Company subtly tried to push the envelope with an emotional yet light-hearted messaging. Sometimes a father too needs a companion. Helping them shun the awkwardness and explore their prospects will not only make them feel loved but also give them the freedom to live life without the fear of judgement. Afterall…a confident, caring father with the right attitude is the best way a man can groom himself.

Happiness Does Not Come With A Retirement Plan
When you have been solidly supporting your family and serving an organization for several years, retirement can be a tough blow to deal with. Lenovo’s heartwarming spot shows how home can be the new office and a laptop, the new workstation. This not only establishes the longevity of the product and its service, but also beautifully showcases how some retirements are the calling for new beginnings.

The Maternal Papa
When your spouse in life turns out to be your work, taunts and cliche nagging can easily make a headway into your life. But what if you decide to bring a companion into your life, and it’s not the giggly wifey? But a bigger responsibility instead, and double up as a mom? It’s not just mothers who have maternal instincts. Check out how Nutrilite paints a new shade of a single dad.

The Wind Beneath Our Wings
Be it your first gaming buddy, to your first bike ride, the moments weaved with your father seem other-worldly when you turn around and glance through the memories. Showing you the world with piggy back rides to staying up till you are back home at night, Godrej Hair Expert’s ad takes one on a nostalgic journey with beautiful snippets of fatherhood. From being a true saviour to a forever friend, here’s raising a toast to the first superheroes of your life.

The Dad Who Understands Your Heart
Asian Paints shows how children understand their parents’ plight through this ad. Seeing his child find ways to fulfill the dreams of his little brother, a father’s heart melts away. Touched by the awareness and acceptance of his business going through a lull by his kids, the father is amazed with their maturity. His child’s gesture gives him the courage to keep moving ahead even through the pressing times.

The Apple Of My Eye – My Daughter
Nothing quite like a father and his loving daughter. When time comes to handover the precious jewel of his life to another man, every father wells up. With eyes filled with pride and heart loaded with innocence of his daughter’s irreplaceable memories, Tanishq beautifully captures the emotions of a father’s heart on his daughter’s big day.

A father need not always be a macho man. For…he is the one who will rescue from trouble even at the eleventh hour. He’ll be there to bandage your scraped knee and balm you with his advice when you have a heart break. Though the fathers may not always show, but they are your true emotional support. A shoulder to lean on, an inspiration, a friend, the one who will stick by like a rock till the end. Dad!