In a tug of war for the users’ attention, it’s essential to place the bait of concise content which ignites their curiosity to click. The meta content is the deciding factor which can either make the user consume the content piece or not.

In order to tap into this powerhouse, that can level up the game for SERPs, let’s first understand what meta content entails. Meta content is that part of your content which appears when you hit the search button. The featured snippet contains your meta title + the slug (the website URL) + meta description.

For people looking to boost their traffic and command a web presence, crafting appealing meta content should be at the apex of their content strategy.

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Given how imperative meta content is, designing attractive, relevant, and unique content must be left to the experts. However, here are 8 things you can keep in mind when crafting the meta content.

1. A Game Of 3 Seconds
The meta title has quite an impact when it comes to SEO rankings. Plugging in the keywords (preferably long-tailed) can help you get the fish on the hook right away.

  • Place your keywords strategically
  • Don’t weave a lengthy title
  • State the intent through the title
  • Take into account the readers mindset as well as understand the hunger of the search engines
  • Craft striking titles for each of your webpages

2. A Glimpse Of Your Identity
Consider your meta content to be the voice of your webpage. Ideally set in the range of 135-160 characters, your meta description should give the site visitor a brief idea of what will be offered to them once they hit that click. If the content presented there isn’t engaging enough for the visitor, they’ll scroll within seconds to the next piece.

Hence, though the meta doesn’t directly amp up your rankings, it still accounts for a user making a visit, fetching you the click, and eventually building your click-through rate.

3. The Lasting Impact
With content and search trends changing day after day, it’s vital to acknowledge how users are consuming content. Right from their cellphones to laptops, information follows them everywhere. In such a chaos, a good copy will fall flat, if it doesn’t appear at the right place at the right time with the essential keywords. If you don’t define your meta content, the engines will pick up a random section and present that snippet to the consumers. It goes without saying that a random piece of content will neither inform nor instruct the visitor. So don’t slacken on this front.

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4. Don’t Double Quote It
It’s extremely important to understand that since meta content goes into the HTML code, one must steer away from putting the meta content or the keywords that are stringed along with it, in double quotes. It could create a glitch in the code and present the content inappropriately.

5. Get Them Clicking
What’s a good meta description if it lacks a call to action? Making the visitor tread onto your website from the thousands at their disposal, is an art of its own kind. However, if your brief snippet of meta content doesn’t hold a call to action, will the user even be remotely interested? Then why leave things to chance? Some examples of call to action include…

  • Download your E-book for free, right here!
  • Check the demo of xyz app here.
  • Will Jen marry Brad?
  • Start your free trial NOW!

6. Be Different To Be Seen
State your benefits. Why must the user come to your website? Your meta title and description should be crafted to give answers to the viewers. If there is nothing for them to gain from the meta description, they won’t click. This will eventually affect your SERPs ranking, as the users won’t come to your website.

It’s best to write unique titles and descriptions for each webpage. Maintaining an active voice helps the consumer associate more with the content as compared to a passive tonality.

7. Unlock It With The Keywords
In order for the search to become more rich and organic, plug in the keywords associated with the page within the meta description itself. This will highlight the things for the visitor, answering their query and directing them straight to your page. Ensure that the keywords used on each page are different in order to boost your web presence and SERPs rankings.


8. Cut The Fluff And Don’t Bluff
It’s exceedingly important to maintain transparency and not bluff. Displaying a piece of content that doesn’t really lead your consumer to what they are looking for, is only going to leave a bitter taste for them. So, while it’s important to be smart, it’s more crucial to know that your consumers are smarter. Don’t try to outwit them!

Meta content plays an extremely crucial role in leveling up your content game in the market. If not designed appropriately, it can push your web presence down. In a world of growing apps and gazillion content pieces, it is imperative to understand the right blend of the art and science of content writing. Meta content is where this marriage of art and science drives the lasting relationship of a brand with its consumer.