In a lifetime of war, Wakanda felt like a planet where we all wanted to belong, for battles were fought with a purpose and each one owned their challenges like a hero. Black Panther made us feel a pulsating rush, the fight for the right, the silent murmurs where we cheered on for the fierce ladies of the tribe, and a thumping wish – Don’t quit, T’Challa.

Black Panther

[Source:] The fearless Wakanda Trio

While most superhero movies give us a similar feeling, Black Panther’s narrative felt guilt-free, for this one gave us a superhero to whom we could relate. The entire ensemble shined with brilliance, and Chad carried the movie on his shoulders with ease and tact. He showed that a true hero takes the onus of his mistakes.

Black Panther was not a passing comet, it was an asteroid in the MCU belt, which hit the screens and left a lasting impression in the movie world. A black superhero coming face-to-face with the main villain, who strongly presses upon the topics of black identity, prejudice, and racism, exhibiting boldness while undressing the sham that exists in the society.

Brothers Black Panther

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Black Panther Movie

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Chadwick, who was fired when he was working in TV for boldly questioning the makers about his stereotypical role, won our hearts and filled it with hope. Black Panther stood for more than just its numbers at the box office. Chadwick was the wick burning away, and lighting the way forward for others. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Chadwick never shuddered away from work and put in every iota of his effort into his craft, strengthening the roots of the black community.

The black kids having a ball of a time watching Black Panther

[Image Source:] The black kids having a ball of a time watching Black Panther

Greeting his fans in person, interacting frequently with the children at the cancer wards, debating with the makers to implement the Xhosa accent for the movie as compared to the suave British accent, handing over his MTV award to a good samaritan, are just few of the many amazing things that Chad did. We all heard it in Spiderman – “With great power, comes great responsibility”; but we saw Chad live these lines.

Chad bringing a broad smile on the faces of children battling cancer

[Image Source: news18. com] Chad bringing a broad smile on the faces of children battling cancer

Chad giving his MTV Best Hero Award to James Shaw

[Image Source:] Chad giving his MTV Best Hero Award to James Shaw Jr – a real-life hero who fought off a gunman inside the Waffle House on April 22

Creating a paradigm shift with a movie is no easy feat, but Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther worked as the perfect catapult and saw the world honour his craft by showering him with love, and treating his movie as a crucial point in pop culture. The Guardian states – “There’s no denying how necessary Black Panther is for representation. In a world where diversity is so often treated as an act of charity instead of reality, this film challenges the pervasive idea that our heroes can only be white and male.” And rightly, the ‘Wakanda Forever!’ salute is now a part of the legacy.

Chadwick Boseman’s

[Image Source:] Chadwick urging the students to raise their voice against discrimination at Howard University’s Commencement Speech – 2018

Marvel offered a ground-breaking moment in its ever-growing exploration of superheroes when it gave T’Challa to us, and like he said, “In times of crisis, the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers.” – Keep raging ahead, Chad! Thank you for emerging as the Sun on the terrains that were grabbed by the claws of darkness. Thank you for showing what it means to choose conviction over convenience.

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([Image Source:] The mighty T’Challa)