The chocolate and confectionery market is a complete crowd puller across all ages. It could be the emotional messaging, the flirty notes, the innocent moments, or maybe the sassy comebacks that grab the eyeballs each time. In a dynamic country like ours, brands like Cadbury, Nestle, Amul and many more have tried to seal their deals through brilliant advertising and even smarter, creative campaigns.

Be it the beats of festivities or a moment of joy between everyday humdrums, chocolates aren’t simply viewed as mere delicacies, they are a part of our sentimental journeys. From the taglines to some wonderfully captured scenes, the recall factor of chocolate ads is indeed a powerful one, once again reminding us how advertising influences our buying decisions.
Conceptualizing these ads may look like a walk in the park, but there is a lot of wordplay, research, ideation and strategy that gets generously poured into making something that creates a hook and is witty. Over the time these ads have gone under their fair share of makeovers to garner more interest and become a lip-smacking talk of the town. And the internet too, has contributed some crazy ideas in their own unique way.

Let’s have a look at this mixed bag of gems…

1. KitKat
Nothing tells you to take a break like – Kitkat. A clean, minimalistic design that speaks for the copy, makes the messaging effective and impressive. Afterall, work from home needs a pause too, and here is KitKat giving you all the right reasons.


Not all chocolate is sweet, not all of it is milky. It can be dark, mysterious and hilarious. Keeping a count of this emotion, Reese’s clever wording nail’s the concept of dark chocolate, while allowing the element of mischief to stay alive.


3. Ulker
Ulker has smartly turned a moment into an excuse for some sweet indulgence. The catchy copy in tandem with the emotions one may experience brings that smirk on the face.


4. Godiva
Objects of temptations, mediums of desire… it’s not only chocolate who wears that crown. Honouring the beauty of women, Godiva’s simple yet classy copy says it all with a hint of panache.


5. Snickers
Snickers’ classic tagline has been brilliantly encapsulated in this ad. With zero graphics and accurate use of creative wordings, this one really is worth a bite when hunger pangs throw a hissy fit.


And if you thought print, digital and broadcast were the only ways these brands cast their spell, you may want to think again. Many of them have created some remarkable ambient ads to make you go ‘Me wants that NOW!’ Let’s have a look at a few …

1. Cadbury
Well, that’s one massive Cadbury bar!

2. M n M s
The burst of colours…are they rushing towards you or are you willing to rush towards them?
M n M s

3. Toblerone
There is never a roadblock for some chocolate.

4. Mars
You don’t need to visit another planet for a truck-sized chocolate.

5. Hersheys
Love has many synonyms, in this case, its Hersheys. Hersheys

6. Ferrero Rocher
You have seen an X-mas tree…now see a Choco-X-mas tree.
Ferrero Rocher

So, the next time you are busy drooling over some yummy-licious chocolates, spare a moment or two to thank these bunch of creative brains who work their wires to appease not just your sweet tusks but tickle your mind with their amazing wordplay.