, sanitizers, vaccines, and Covid-19 sound like total dampeners for Valentine’s spirit. But what’s important is that the past year has taught us the value of staying connected with our loved ones, no matter where we are, and to express our hearts and cherish their presence in our lives. Let this Valentine’s be a reminder that even though the pandemic, there are ways to keep love afloat, and make the day special with your bae.

But before we walk you through some wonderful ways to celebrate Valentine’s with your girlfriend or boyfriend during the pandemic, there are some crucial things to bear in mind.

3 Don’ts You Must Strictly Follow To Celebrate A Safe Valentine’s Day

#1 Stay away from crowded places.

#2 Avoid physical intimacy in public spaces.

#3 Steer clear of unhygienic dining places.

The trick is not loud and fancy gestures, but simple expressions that allow your emotions to flow. Also, remember to wear your masks and carry your sanitizers.

Long Drives 

As the climate is donning the perfect mood, ditch the city traffic and head out for a long drive with your special someone to soak in nature. You can always book a Zoom Car, if you think asking for the car keys at home will land you in some trouble.

Long Drive on Valentine's Day

Cutting The Long Distance Short 

Don’t let the distance be a mood kill. Open that bottle of wine, light up some candles, whip up your favorite meal with bae on a video call and jump onto the Netflix Party to catch a rom-com or a nice movie together.

Going Vintage 

Flowers and letters still do the trick. Quit the Whatsapp bandwagon and get real with emotions. Pen a couplet or just be yourself, and send across your loving thoughts to your sweetheart with some gorgeous flowers. If you are planning to make this exquisite, you can pick from premium ranges, and leave a lasting smile on your girlfriend boyfriend’s face. Or you can even pick plants for them, the ones with which they can dress their desks or veranda.

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Quaint Cafes And Movies 

Pick a nook where you can spend some great time with your boyfriend-girlfriend. Love is not always about physical intimacy, and there is no greater way to communicate what you feel besides expressing it. Order their special dish with a message, or a coffee with a simple heart, which will leave them feeling warm and fuzzy. And though the theatre seating won’t permit you to hold hands and enjoy the movie any longer, the idea is to soak in the movie and share a great laugh or a tear, but together.

Music, Cards, And Games 

Make your bae a great playlist, and no, it need not be romantic, but instead the songs that you’ll both love. Indulge in some old school love by exchanging cards, smeared with hilarious one-liners or soul-touching words. And if you are a gamer duo, what more perfect way to celebrate this day than some crazy gaming and pizzas?

cards music on valentines day 2021

But remember, no matter what you choose, make sure to have a day full of smiles, even if it’s beneath your masks.