Who knew that an online journal would turn out to be so crucial for businesses today? Though it was coined as ‘weblog’ in 1997 by Jorn Barger, it was Justin Hall who started the practice of writing blogs way back in 1994. ‘Links.net’ was the first blog where Hall shared his ideas, posts and links to the websites he liked. From then to now, the entire medium has gone through a complete metamorphosis. Currently it is serving as a lucrative content vehicle for businesses.

We are living in the times where strategies and practices change in the blink of an eye. There’s disappearing stories, short video content, appealing imagery and of course, the numerous ways to communicate them. But something that has stayed relevant for a really long time is – Blogging.

Let’s understand why blogging holds enormous value for businesses today, regardless of the size or the field of their operations.

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A Great Impetus For The Marketing Strategy
The prime idea behind blogging is generating awareness amongst your target audience. A format where you can pitch your product or service to them without sounding too salesy. Walk them through benefits and educate them about your product or service to build desire and connect with their needs. Churning relevant content helps them acknowledge you. Customers today are inquisitive and approach brands for information; your blog is where they must find it all.

Creates A New Pool Of Clients
Besides catering to the needs of the existing patrons, the blog can also serve as the horseshoe magnet to bring in new customers. Be it through trending topics, statistical data, newsletters, or anything else, the blog is where a brand or individual’s image gets dissected by the consumer, helping them decide if they want to be associated with it. The SEO game matters! The title, keywords and meta content placement and structuring makes more difference than you may think. When one has a team of expert blog writers at their disposal, they can be rest assured that there will be an ROI through this medium.

A New Community
Be it the multimedia, videos, podcasts, long form content, or any other type of blogging material, once there is a pool of listeners, the shareability factor of the content amplifies and slowly a community begins to form itself around the platform. This helps a brand or an individual hold authority in their field of expertise. Whenever a prospective client is looking for something, they know they can approach a particular platform for answers. Consistent blogging helps reflect the brand’s image and depicts its integrity. This form of free marketing can gain great momentum and make the content viral.


Strengthens Inbound Marketing
Today, when people are spending loads of money on advertising, blogging is a strong and inexpensive way to be out there and share about the brand and consumer success stories. When created using the right tools and strategy, blogging fetches trustworthiness and helps in conversion of leads. Moreover, when success stories are shared, it can help a consumer envision their gains with the brand. A really solid form of inbound marketing, blogging isn’t just limited to being the business voice but can also be made open to consumers for sharing their feedback. This helps one fetch insights and restructure their marketing strategy.

Fresh, Relevant Content For The SEO
Crucial for the SERPs is the way the content is designed. The search engines pick up content that is relevant and where the keywords are placed optimally. Once the engines find fresh content, they start indexing it, which is why one has to be mindful about the way the keywords are inserted and about their frequency. A well-written piece that lacks the strategy for SEO will go unnoticed and render itself useless. Check out Hubspot’s article to get a comprehensive understanding of this subject.


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