1 – Wounded hope!

Wings are withered
Hope is wounded
No affection left
Relation seems
Too heavy to carry
Feelings are null
What left is just
Void, void, void
Here, there
Shattered, fragile
And vulnerable

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2 – The invisible touches

I think Virginity is a sheer lie
a soul touched by
thousands of thoughts and smiles,
all day all night
it kisses body and breath,
pierces hope so wild
it makes intense moves,
cuddles and crawls
leaving many screams, scratches,
and lovely scars
I think virginity is purely false
it has never been existed at all

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3 – The Inside and Outside

the world we are in
never sits, never rests
it is bound to change,
to shift and switch,
it’s very natural
or say in routine
here uniformity considered
as a threat to transition,
newness and upheaval
every change heads this place
to a newer and better sphere
it doesn’t feel any pain, any belonging
while leaving one stage to find another
it never looks for the thing left behind
no regret, no wait
but this doesn’t work in case of us
our mind, emotions
hardly accept changes
our tendency is a bit low
and if that change is negative
where you are losing somebody
it has a damaging experience
this spears the soul, sharpens the wound
this change is hurtful, terrible
the transition snatches all the hope
leaving a trauma of course
for a longer and unending period
casting bruises
as mind and emotions are
not like this world

– Firdous Zahra