A Winter On The Moon

Kumiko’s appearance was as eerie as her disappearance was. It was during one of the escapades in Nishi-Kasai; Japan’s own little India, I found her sitting atop a lamppost, with her body bent and head stretched unusually towards the sky. […]

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प्रयाग का महापर्व – कुंभ

धर्म ही संपूर्ण जगत का आधार है| धर्म ने ही सभी प्राणियों को एक सूत्र में बाँध कर रखा है| इसके रूप भले ही भिन्न-भिन्न हों, परंतु सभी का केंद्रबिंदु ‘ईश्वरत्व’ की प्राप्ति है| सभी धर्मों की अपनी-अपनी विशेषताएं हैं| […]

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There was no tomorrow for Mr J___, or at least that was what it looked like when he sabotaged the brakes like a butcher. His olive green Santro, which travelled so far without a hiccup, let out a mechanical scream […]

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